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Over Priced, And Under Performing

It's understandable to try to get the most for your home. We want that for all of our clients.
But when you list a home above what the market can bare, a series of predictable events start to happen. 

-The listing will lose steam in the market. The best offers are made during the first weeks of the listing. 

- The home will attract "tire kickers" but not buyers.


-There are fewer showings


-Comparable homes with lower listing prices sell faster, leaving your home without buyers.


-If the home fails to appraise at the higher price, willing buyers may not be able to obtain the necessary financing.

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If a home won't sell, it's usually overpriced for the market. Pricing your home correctly will help it get noticed and sell faster. If a home is on the market too long, potential buyers start to think that something is wrong with the house. 

Bad 1st Impressions
The excitement of seeing a potential new home can quickly diminish if the home does not give a good first impression. Dirty gutters, weeds, clutter, smells and more, can give potential buyers pause. 

Let us give you an honest opinion on how to best present your home. 

Become 7/11
Do your best to make your home available as often as possible. By restricitng showing times, you also restrict your chances of selling. 


Time To Mow
Make sure the lawn is mowed, and the flower beds are well maintained. This might mean that you mow twice a week until the home is sold. 

You want people to envision themselves coming home to a masterpeice, not a maintenance prohect. 

Add Some Color
Make your home pop with some color! 
Add some potted flowers to make your home stand out. 

Immaculate Entry Way
Paint the door, sweep the steps, wash the siding, polish the door knob. 
Again, first impressions matter. 

A Fresh Look
Selling in the spring or summer? Add some fresh mulch to make your flowerbeds look well maintained. 

Clean It Up
Make your siding and sidewalk shine by power washing them! Power washing is a cheap and easy way to take years off your home's appearance. 

Tool Time
Make any neccesary repairs ahead of time. Don't let potential buyers be the ones to spot your loose shingles or broken gutter. 



Curb Appeal
If the outside doesn't look good, why would buyers ever want to go inside? 
Clean up the yard, paint the front door, and trim the hedges. Make the outside as inviting as the inside. 


It Stinks
You don't notice the litter box, but buyers do. Pets and smoking are the main reasons homes start to smell. 
Air out your home and only smoke outside when you're showing your home. Consider having the pets stay with a friend or relative until the home has sold. 


Tame Kujo
Scruffy is nice to you, not strangers in your home. If you have a big dog, or just a noisy dog, consider having them stay with friends or family while you show your home. 
Nothing is more distracting than a loud dog that won't let you into the house. 


Singing In The Rain
If a house or basement smells damp, you can be sure that this will raise some red flags for home buyers. Fix the problem before you list your home. 


Clean Your Act Up
If the surfaces in your home are dirty, than buyers know the rest of the home is dirty.
Clean your showers, carpets, and closets. Buyers want to know they are buying a well maintained


Update Or Ditch Your Décor
If your home is out of date, consider a quick refresh, or at the least, remove those items. While décor shouldn't matter to buyers, it can be distracting, and make it hard for them to envision themselves living in your home. 

If you don't want to freshen up your décor, simply get rid of it. 


The Price Is Wrong
If your home is priced WAY above your neighbors, then you might end up sitting on it for awhile. Listen to your agent, they've done the homework in order to price your home to sell. 

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