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The first people who established modern settlements in what is now the Fort Wayne IN real estate market were a group of  the Miami tribe who settled near what is now Fort Wayne's Lakeside District at least 500 years ago. The area they developed was located on territory that once belonged to a group of ancient Moundbuilder people who disappeared mysteriously during the Middle Ages.

Several Miami settlements played an important role during the American Revolution as battlefields and supply bases. One of these settlements was converted into an American fort in October 1794 by American Gen. "Mad Anthony" Wayne. This settlement formed the basis for Fort Wayne's first residential areas.

The demand for Fort Wayne properties increased during the 19th century after several prosperous industries were established by Samuel Hanna, Theodore Horton and other well-known Fort Wayne inventors. Some of these industries including a baking powder industry, a wire coating industry and one of the world's first washing machine industries.

Thriving radio engineering and life insurance companies played an important role during the 1930s and 1940s in the development of the Fort Wayne real estate market. Many of these industries were located near beautiful residential areas that featured interesting Art Deco and Modernist-style Fort Wayne IN homes.

Fort Wayne now offers home buyers a diversified economy, fun attractions, safe neighborhoods and one of the Midwest's best transportation systems. These benefits make purchasing Fort Wayne homes a wonderful value for anyone who relocates to the Fort Wayne area.

For more details about the history of Fort Wayne homes for sale, please read this online article written by Richard Battin for the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel and this article written by

Parks and Recreation 

The Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department operates more than 60 recreational facilities that offer many fun ways to enjoy Fort Wayne's temperate climate and unique culture. Some of the most popular Fort Wayne recreational facilities include a community garden, a modern community center, Hurshtown Reservoir and four golf courses. Other popular Fort Wayne recreational attractions include 10 hiking trails and more than 30 parks

Moreover, the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreational Department offers many fun recreational activities that are open to all Fort Wayne home buyers. Some of these activities include several youth sports programs, computer classes, cooking classes and fitness classes.

Fort Wayne Attractions

Most homes for sale in Fort Wayne are located near fun attractions that are interesting to explore. Some of these Fort Wayne attractions include the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory and Salmond Farm Park. Furthermore, real estate in Fort Wayne is also located near Parkview Field and the Embassy Theater.

Fort Wayne Events  

Fort Wayne is home to many fun events that take place near a real estate agent who can help you find homes that are a great value. Some of these Fort Wayne events include the Fort Wayne Festival of Trees, the Fort Wayne CountryFest and the Fort Wayne Craft Beer Festival. Home buyers can find details about other Fort Wayne-area events by visiting the event website maintained by the Fort Wayne Newspaper Group.

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